Books on Media

Do you like to listen to books narrated to you, have I got a site for you and it’s FREE unlike which asks for a month fee. None of these authors or let alone big names, but escape pod really offers something different and really unique. The more or less podcasts they offer covers a wide range from science, conspiracy, even scifi. Really the quality of what they have available is high and really worth checking out.


Android Ransomware Infects LG Smart TV is reporting LG Smart TVs are getting hit by ransomware. In fact it the article goes on to say those behind it want $500 to free your TV when LG only wants $350. Really avoiding ransomware is simple, don’t download any strange apps

There is No Such Thing As a Liberal Anymore

Geez don’t like something someone says, they call them a liberal. I been called that a couple time both during and after this election. Say that to my face and we will see who is getting up off the ground. I am no Liberal, I think the liberal movement died when Trump got elected, Al Gore the top Liberal in this country said that that much. We are both Independents, meaning all you liberal haters we vote for who we like no matter which party they belong to. In fact I did vote for a few Republicans in this past election…and I actually voted, can you Mr. Liberal Hater say that much.

Buta – Forgotten Furry Anime

An anime project made by Telecom Animation Film Issued as part of Anime Mirai 2012.