My Plans for 2017

I think the biggest news is one I have talked about on and off for a couple of months and that is getting my own website. Really I had a lot of options, and not to forget a lot of plans falling through.

So what is going to happen and I post a countdown sometime in February when this blog of mine officially become I hope that WordPress which I am sticking with, because it has the best extras for the price has a redirect, but since I can’t contact them to the change over I just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Any other changes we will just have to see what options that are given me.

There also should be more posts from live furry events, still weighing my options on that one. I just know through an app I will be able (fingers crossed) to make posts from my phone.

In the meantime where ever you see this will continue.

That’s all I can think of for now

Ahmar Wolf

Furry Gallery – NSFW

By Silverwyvern


by artdecade


by Yami Griffin


by Ollie Canal


How to Make a Fursuit for Under $100

Yesterday on Furry Amino Sibi Fursuit actually posted instructions on how to make a fursuit for $100 or less. I know it seems impossible, but the instructions actually make sense. It really seems possible for those of us on a budget.


Well You Don’t Say


Say Nothing


I Feel Violated

by clawsshawt