The Facts about Getting Your Own Domain

The truth is I been thinking about for quite a while changing from wordpress dot com to really getting my own domain. It’s just I couldn’t make my mind up on what host to use, where to get my domain name, and most importantly the cost of everything. The hardcore fact I don’t make a penny from this blog, and this is despite getting around 600 views a day. I know you see ads, but the revenue goes to WordPress and not me.

So after weighing my options I decided to stick to wordpress, the site is easy to use and setting up links to other sites where these posts are reposted is basically automatic. I really don’t have to think twice about it. But that was where the trouble began. It seems the only domain name WordPress offers is serious dot blog. There is no way I could see myself using dot blog, really I wanted dot com. So I went to Godaddy yesterday and this is what came up. The first thing I found someone already bought dot com and if I wanted to spend nearly $3000 I could buy it. Did I mention I am not making a dime.


You think those prices are bad, the ones I didn’t show like Biz and News goes for as much as $60. Remembering what Grrrwolf recommended to me I went to Google. Yes they sell domain names and generally they are cheaper than Godaddy but not for everything. Like Godaddy, dot biz was around $60 but looking through my options I went with dot net which was only $12 a year.

Paying WordPress for the extras I want really isn’t bad and they do a redirect. So in Feb it will be done, once this happens you won’t see any ads. Unless you want to post one, even then we will have to see. I am planning for Feb 14th Valentines Day. Yes the date of the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, yes that was joke and I know it’s a day for love. I just hope everything works…fingers crossed.

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