Genus issue 10 Review and download


Pirate Treasure by Dashe

Really the artwork is better than the plot. Female Captain of a pirate ship has hot lesbian sex with a female prison.

Crystal Quest by Scamp

A Princess seeks the aide of a magical unicorn for a crystal in order to defeat an evil sheik. But only gets 3 months of essential slavery in exchange for the crystal. To me it plays out like a porn film…a bad one. Dialog is week and you can see lesbian sex coming in the 1st panel

Rhiannon by Tabitha R. Jones and Diana

Really there isn’t to much to this story a female unicorn picks up a female fox who is working at a bar for sex and nothing else.

Party Favor by Brian Sutton and Jeremy Bernal

Princess takes female slave to a party and has them dressed like a sheep. Where they get treated like dirt/ After being knocked out of window by one of the guest the slave sees another female for maybe some sex. But is suddenly taken away by her master where the slave has fun showing off her breasts.

Yes it’s really that bad.

Along with art by Brian O’Connell and Shon Howell

I think the art is the best thing about this issue.

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Never Pick up anyone while Drunk


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