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Fursonas Documentary Review

Finally got a look at that Fursonas documentary, thanks to a friend who has Hulu.

What I don’t understand with all the great things in the furry fandom such as we raise more money for animal charities than anyone else, the friendships, the outright fun we have without criticism, the writers, the photographers…literally I could go on and on and on.

So what did the producers of this documentary focus upon, something which according to 1 survey that barely 12% of the fandom are involved in, and that is sex, sex and even more sex. In fact 90% of this documentary is about sex. When they weren’t talking about sex they focused on Boomer, and yes that Boomer. Who I don’t know how crazy he is, or all of this is an act to get his 15 mins of fame. Is made to look as if he is one dog biscuit away from getting put away for LIFE. Then they had the guy from Bad Dragon, who they made look like the greatest pervert in history, and who during his part he was fondling a dildo all the way through. Then there is every so called furry they interviewed, only 1 or 2 didn’t have issues with the fandom. The rest of them are those who you have seen on various shows and other documentaries, that make us either look sex obsessed or out of our minds. Speaking of which they had this woman on who was ashamed that he 4 year old daughter was too young to understand furry porn.

Then there were those who had no issues with the fandom, one during their interview said they had been set up. Like Uncle Kage, who was taken out of context more than once. They used sound bites that made him look like a crazy drunken fool.

No furry in their right mind should ever see this documentary. For I believe it was made that way so they could make a quick buck and frankly didn’t care who they made to look like a fool.

Best Hot Chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate, and it’s simply what I like.
#1 Dunkin Donuts
#2 Mariano’s (It’s a local grocery store chain)
#3 Starbucks and 7-11
#4 McDonalds

I am honestly surprised that Dunkin Donuts made a HUGE improvement with their hot chocolate. At one point the package mixes actually tasted better than theirs. But not now it’s like eating a really good piece of chocolate…with whipped cream.

On the other hand 7-11 has greatly improved theirs, meanwhile Starbucks hasn’t changed, like McDonalds. I thought when both places offered hot white chocolate, it was far better than the standard which taste the same as it always has, and in my opinion losing ground.

Well It’s Cute When the Cat Does It


Blaming Each Other