DARE Ends its Campaign to Stop Saying Pot is a gateway drug


The article is great

The Rise of the Word Police Steve Wetherell

Recently Underground Book Reviews posted an article on The Rise of the Word Police. Having my own experience with these grammar nazis, I see can see how it’s author Steve Wetherell has a strong point, of how they forget about the message and focus to much on the written word. To a point where some and this is no joke wish they had powers of the death penalty.

A Pissed Off Cat Will Kill You


You Know You Love Your Pet When…


Trump Shows His True Colors and it is black

Trump Supporters and I make this post directly to you. Yesterday Trump had his 1st official news conference which went as well as Kale Cake at a kids birthday party. We discovered a bunch of things about the man you voted for 1st is that he will not take responsibility for his own actions. Despite what he said he did make fun about that disabled reporter it’s on bloody YouTube. 2nd he will block anyone who disagrees with him. His staff made it clear to every reporter there that he will kick out any reporter who asks him questions he does not like. Rumor has it this will extend to any political official. Oh sure there are presidents in the past who did it, the last one being Nixon, and we all know how that turned out. 3rd and I consider this the most dangerous one, he does not believe his own national security. The last time that happened we had 9/11. 4th was one question he seemly refused to answer and I thought it was an important one. What would you do if there was a national emergency. Other than saying he would leave it to local officials we got no other answer.