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I know most of you never heard of flayrah.com it’s is a central gathering point for news and reviews. The following link leads to a series of posts. Where the title of these posts and down right funny.


Vancoufur 2017 Drops Art Show

We are very sorry to announce that VancouFur’s Art Show has been cancelled for 2017 due not being able to secure adequate staff and leads for the department. We thank everyone who put time and effort into the department this year and we hope that it can resume in future years!

An article Flayrah.com by the Green Reaper goes into detail about the attempted rape, between 2 of the panel members.

Just read the article

Pony Nationalism and the Furred Reich: Inside the Alt-Furry’s Online Zoo

Believe me I hate when someone always says quote unquote “It’s complicated”. I think that is 3rd on my list of all time hates. But given the rise of Nazi Furs, Pony Nationalism and alt-furry being a furry is getting an injection of right wing politics. To a point where the average person says WTF. Believe me I know the subject is complicated just take this article which appeared on motherboard.vice.com really it’s hard for me to sum it up. Also I really can’t repost it without permission, all I can do is the link.