Great Twitter Commentary

Boof@KNGRK9 made a great point which I want to share

Furries, stop defending poor behaviour of people because the person has

>Artist Talent
>DJ in their name

Top 5 Worst Events In Furry History

Although I think they should of included the very last Rainfurrest

2016: A grueling year of growth for furry fandom

2016 has been a rough year for most of us, and I am no exception. The 11 days I spent in the hospital actually frighten me that it will happen again. But that is nothing compared to the repeated hits the fandom took in the article by Sonious that appeard on

With the loses of Quaziskunk, whom I knew and Silerwing, JBadger. Hit those who knew them well hard and they were so unique.

The first Furry murder in that southern California town, really rocked the fandom hard.

In fact the only real good news the article had to say is the growth of the fandom. Just even looking at the total number of guests at the furcons almost double.

The Beauty of Small Cons by Thurston Howl

In an article posted on Adjective Species Thurston Howl gets into how smaller cons such as FangCon, Mephit Fur Meet, Furry Siesta, FA United, and finally Furlandia differ from larger cons such as MFF and AC.

Having only been to MFF really I knew nothing of the smaller cons expect what others have told me about such a small con in my area Fur Squared. That is was easier to make real friends, the crowds were friendlier and the article goes into those same points about what I have been told.

Really I encourage everyone to give a smaller con a chance at least one in your life. Who knows you might enjoy it better than the big con your use too.

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