Online Dating

Recently I got reminded about an article I seen on about Online Dating. After mentioning it to some, that was when the HORROR stories came out. Including my personal one where my date was a arrested on 5 felony counts at the place where we were to hook up. Yes, that really did happen. Like the ones of sexual predators, insane perverts, and the one that seems to be the most common. This wasn’t what I was looking for. After getting kicked off both eHarmony and for not looking good enough. Also especially after my experience on where I didn’t get a single reply to my post. I am not really into these sites, mainly because I agree with the common complaint in the article that these sites prey upon your weaknesses. They know you want someone, so they are constantly drawing you in, targeting what little hope you have. It isn’t illegal, it’s just a way for them to making more money, I don’t care which site you try it’s all the same. Really besides the ads on TV and online I don’t know of a single one that has ever gotten a date from any of those sites. I have a friend who tried FurFling, paid what he had to and didn’t get a single reply in 6 months before he quit.

Really I would only be guessing at the reasons why, like why I hadn’t had a date in so long I can’t even remember. Sometimes I think I am happier without someone. Mainly because I can do what I like and no one telling me I am wrong.