“By The Fur” by James Hardiman

I love the works of James Hardiman. His artwork, his style even his sense of humor was all so unique. The reason I say this was because of yesterday I was checking out some of his work and wondering were they published comics. That was when I came across his webcomic, “By The Tail”. Even Wikifur has nothing on it, and so did Google, except it lead back to the piece on James Hardiman on Wikifur. I was wondering if this was like like Raiders of the Lost Ark, except Hunters of a Lost Webcomic, so to speak. After checking out the sites I normally use to find furry art posted online and literally striking out. I went to Archive dot org and it’s wayback archive really as a last resort.

In case you didn’t know his old website has become a memorial since his passing in 2014. So I searched before that date and I found a total of 7 comics from 2002, and that was pretty much it. So I ask does anyone here remember that old webcomic and know any details on it as Wikifur and other sites have nothing on it period.








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