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Setting the Record Straight on Furry Net

What a difference less than 48 hours make. It seems this morning as I usually do checking out Twitter on my phone. I saw messages of racial hate and intolerance seemly posted by Furry Net on their Twitter account. It also seems those messages has been taken down. But there are clear signs on that page that shows they were once there.

I want to make it very to everyone I don’t support hate in any form. To quote Rodney King, “Why can’t we just get along”. I have sent the chief admin of Furry Net a message, any more signs of hate and I will abandon the entire project, like my Furry Net account.

Me personally I try and get along with everyone. Over the years I met someone of you name it. I have never even thought of anything they could find offensive, or let alone said anything…nor would I ever.

With Trump getting elected and murders have been done in name of racial and religious purity…and I want to make it clear none of these was performed by Muslims. In fact that terrorist attack in Canada was done by Trump supporters.

Then there is the Furry Raiders, who just make me ill. I once spoke to their founder and it was founded upon a really good idea. Helping other furries, that I can agree with. But in the year since that interview. I have been seeing messages of hate coming from them. Also other furries who warned me to stay away from Colorado where they are based. It seems some have it in for me over my views about them. That they are a bunch of bigots who use the furry fandom to spread their messages of hate.

Tensions haven’t been this bad since the 1960s in a way this country is one good kick away from a civil war. We really need to tone things DOWN…ASAP!!! as in NOW.

So all I can ask anyone, is please tone it down. Especially against Liberals. Which in some memes I seen are a cross of those who would be willing to become someone slave. To being Robin Hood to anyone who asked. I say that because I am a liberal, I became one after The House announced Trump’s Health Plan and I discovered I won’t have any insurance if it is put through…and btw health savings plans have been tried in the past at least 3 times that I know of and none of them have ever worked.

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