Conker’s High Rule

Is a hack of a SNES Zelda game with Conker from the infamous Conker’s Bad Fur Day N64.

This is the kind of game it’s better for the video to show you than me talking about it.

Midwest FurFest 2016 Con Music Video – No Way Out

Aberguine on Hiatus Announcement

I will start posting Aberguine’s Furry Media videos again once they start appearing on her YouTube channel.


A character you don’t know

according to wikipedia

Bunnicula is a children’s book series written by James Howe, featuring a vampire rabbit named Bunnicula who sucks the juice out of vegetables. Alternatively, Bunnicula is the main title of the first book in the series, published by Atheneum Books in April 1979. The husband-and-wife team James and Deborah Howe wrote it together, but she died before it saw print. The series consists of seven books, with the latest published in 2006.

The story is centered on the Monroe family and their pets and is told from the perspective of their dog Harold. The Monroes find a bunny at the theater where they were watching a Dracula film. Because of this, they name him Bunnicula. Their cat Chester, however, is convinced Bunnicula is a vampire and attempts to get Harold (the dog) to help save the Monroes from the perceived menace.

A 1982 animated TV special (from Ruby-Spears) by the same name was created based on the first book and aired on the ABC Weekend Special. The animated special deviated heavily from the novels and actively depicted Bunnicula using vampiric powers, which did not occur in the novels.

The full title of the first book is Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery. The second and third books of the series are Howliday Inn and The Celery Stalks at Midnight. Nighty-Nightmare followed in 1987, followed by Return to Howliday Inn in 1993. In 1999, Bunnicula Strikes Again! was published. Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow was published in 2006, and appears to be the final book in the Bunnicula series.

Following the end of the Bunnicula series, James Howe began a spin-off series called Tales from the House of Bunnicula, which are “written” by Howie, the dachshund puppy introduced into the series in Howliday Inn. There is also a series called Bunnicula and Friends: Ready To Read. They are a series of six picture books about adventures of the characters from the stories. They are aimed for beginning readers.

An animated series adaptation of Bunnicula began airing on Cartoon Network and on Boomerang on February 6, 2016.


Rap Pigeons