Top 5 Strange Laws in the World You Won’t BELIEVE

Genus 12 Review and Download

Terry Times Three by Fred Perry

Confusion reigns in the lite comedy over a new roommate. The 2 females in this piece was expecting another female. But then this borderline lesbian couple, soon make it a 3 way with the new hunk of a male roommate.

Both entertaining and sexy

Rat and Ruin by Paul Kidd and Mitch Beiro

Literally one of the wildest, sexy and funny comics I ever read. It begins with a random meeting between this man and woman…but I assume are rats as the piece never really says. Then slowly it becomes clear that the male is a vampire and wants to make the female his loyal vampire bride. Thing really gets funny whenever he tries to bite her she pulls out a cross. The real twist at the end where she too turns out to be a vampire really surprised me. Like at the very end the male goes flying for his life.

Mink: Shell Game by Kjartan Arnorsson

This one had me confused and still does. It seems that this witch wants to sell her magic services to a multi millionaire but things don’t go well or do they. The deal turns out to be a bust, but she is excited over him, the millionaire swallowing something.

This ends in a cliffhanger, and I am still confused.

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