Fledgling furry communities spread their wings at Eurofurence

Rakuen Growlithe posted a wonderful article on the furry fandom as it stands right now is Turkey and in South Africa the article featured 3 videos which I can share.

But if you want to check out what else he has to say check it out here

Gene Armstrong Dispels Myths About Furries

Ever feel truly sorry for someone I do about Gene Armstrong one of the founders of the ill fated Rainfurrest for trying to put a good spin on something that imploded. Here he is being interviewed by a Seattle Newspaper the Seattle Met, you can even see the reporter is trying to be fair..but still it’s a good article and worth checking out HERE

I have to add something given my experience with Rainfurrest board members, specifically one who by a C&D I can’t mention by name. Here they are trying to save their reps, which I can’t blame them. But personally I wouldn’t trust any of them, especially if they were my co-workers. Call that what it is a personal comment.

Genus issue 17 Review and Download

Mink by Kjartan Arnorsson

Answers the question “If you did have magical powers, what would you do with them”. Not an easy answer, and where the comic ends in hot lesbian sex is a bouns

Hidden Talent by Bill Schmickle

Sexy and funny all at the same time. Rumor has it about possum sex, which caused a lamp this couple is hanging from. Just to try again.

Web of Deceit by Sutton & O’Connell

I admit I don’t like this piece on the woman trying to kill a giant spider only to wind up it’s prisoner.

Our Little Secret by Kurt and Lute Wilcken

Ever feel jealous of a drawing you will in this tale of a stowaway aboard a space crusier and how the female crew one and one join him for sex. Not one at a time, try 2, 3, 4 at a time and you see what I mean. The joke at the end where a superior breaks up the orgy only to escort the stowaway back to her cabin is a really nice touch.

You can both view and download Genus 17 here