Genus issue 19 Review and Download

Shandas World by Mike Curtis and Charlie Wise

Absolutely one of the worst comics I ever read. S&M fans only because that is all it is and nothing else.

Dix the Electric Cat by Anns 440

Really good joke when you think cum goes on the face of this woman when it’s really mayo.

Mink: Healer! by Kjartan Arnorsson

Mink goes to the hospital where she had decided to use her powers to help the sick and injured and winds up helping a young man with severe burns. But once this hits the media and there is a $10,000 reward for any information on this miraclous healer. The next day Mink has a bad feeling about future events.

If You Can’t Be Good by Kurt Wilcken

Sexy and funny all at the same time when this woman calls forth a demon…just so she could have sex with it. Even the demon is surprised by that one. But when he finally goes along with it, she insists he wear a condom. Which a short time after goes up into smoke…and this is before they have sex.

Collars and Cuffs by Robin Lane and Dennis Clark

After a 3 way Officer Nikki thinks it would be nice to have a kid. But when a friend brings over her own baby, and let Nikki sit for her. The reality of it stinks in, as in the form of dirty diapers as well as watching out for the kid. But when the child’s mother return, Nikki is all too happy to return the child, for she decided motherhood is more than she could handle.

Good advice for anyone who thinks they want a kid.
You can both view and download Genus 19 Here