Rocky Mountain Fur Con Cancelled

Official Statement

The Facts

Flayrah goes into sickening details here

In Brief

They lost their tax exempt status for not filing a return since 2011. And security concerns over the Furry Raiders, they pulled the plug on the con.

My Opinion

I am on a lot of social media Twitter, Facebook, even Google + and because of this blog people contact me. I want to make it clear the following has to be taken as a rumor. There is really nothing to back this up, other than just a message or something I read. RMFC was in trouble, rumor had it that the Furry Raiders sometimes would force staff members out, so they could put in place their own members. This controlling who was allowed to enter and who wasn’t. I even read in a local report of a fight breaking out at last year’s con. No wonder they wanted to increase security this year.

Some have compared this to what happened at Rainfurrest, I say completely different circumstances. But it does prove something I have been saying for a while. We furries need to police ourselves, I have seen some great examples of this take MFF last year. You never heard about how a guest/furry nearly threw the contents of their room over the rail inside the hotel. Why because other furries stepped in and calmed things down. We need to do more of this and I have a message to the Furry Raiders.

You’re not God’s gift to the fandom and you really need to take it down a couple of notches. Remember there are such things as 1 hit kills, and at the rate they are going a fight could break out, a riot would just about kill the fandom. Tell me what would happen if someone died in a fight…it can happen.

This will be the only post today, everything will be back to normal tomorrow