RMFC and C&D

With no new angle to this seemly never ending story of events that took place at RMFC which I have seen more speculation of reasons why than the chlorine attack at MFF. We now get a C&D, not issued to me, but someone on Twitter. I swear the whoever wrote it had to be drunk or high. The site Liquor and Lawyers literally rip it apart you can see that HERE

Here is the C&D and see if it makes any sense to you.

(Honestly how can you get banned from a con that isn’t even around)

Genus issue 20 Review and Download

Cyberpunk by Brian Sutton and Darin Brown

A man goes to work only to find bodies of dead ninjas. At a cake mix factory?!!! The agent cleaning up the mess wants to show the man a little video. In a scene right out of MST3000. he is shown a video of hot lesbian love. The man then scolds the agent over what makes a good marriage. This part really killed me, as it seemed the couple having lesbian sex in the video was his wife and girlfriend. So after joining them for a 3 way, the girlfriend wonders if all this new activity means a pay raise. Pure fun and a delight to read.

Night and Day by Max Lowell Voltage

Hot lesbian sex between 2 dragons?

Rhiannon: Masks by Tabitha Jones and Shan Howell

Really I don’t know if this was planned but when a woman patrolling her city at night is confronted by a woman wanting to share her body. We soon discover the woman and the woman patrolling the city has a dragon for a friend and lover. Ironically they look like the dragons in the previous comic. Except this one is far better.

The Clique by Dashe

A woman goes to a college for an interview suddenly finds herself in bondage of hot lesbian love. But then as it turns out that she isn’t the woman they thought she was. Pretty good overall.

Uzalec by Shan Howell and Darin Brown

Aboard an airship a woman is nervous about and upcoming marriage and soon finds herself in a lesbian 3 way. The story is okay at best.

No Need to Speak by Valerie Mantessa

Just lesbian sex. Not even that good artwork.

View and download here