Anime Review: You’re Under Arrest

The article at Wikipedia says

The story revolves around Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa, two female members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and the protagonists of the show as they are stationed at the fictional Bokuto Police Precinct located at Sumida, Tokyo. The series is largely episodic, and much of it focuses on the interaction between the main characters and the humorous supporting cast.

What I say…

You’re Under Arrest is a delightful series if not the best police comedy ever made. Delight characters, a combination of other officers and unique personalities. Including a male officer who feels more comfortable in women’s clothes, Strike Man a wannabe superhero, and an older woman who rides around the town looking for bargains and not caring to traffic signals. Not to mention a monk who races the cops and they have no clue it’s him.

There is plenty of great action, great driving scenes, high speed chases, and ones not just tacked on to “Improve the story”. You feel like that scene should be there. Like a lot of personal stories of the officers, and you really do care about them.

I can not recommend this enough

Unsuspecting Woman Brings Therapy Dog to Local Furry Convention

Call this the other side of the story when a therapy dog is brought to a furry convention and the reaction of it’s trainer. I swear your soul will turn into pudding.

Here is a excerpt

Did you get the chance to talk to many of the furries?
Yes. I learned so much about this whole new culture of people who get together and dress up in furry costumes. I didn’t know that there was this progression — like first, they choose a name, and start off with just a tail and ears. But from there, some of these costumes are amazing, and so elaborate. I was asking a lot of questions. Where do you get these? Where do you come up with something like this? A lot of people design their own, I guess. They decide what character they want to be, and then they spend lots of money having these costumes made. And then, they all get together for these events. Similar people. Similar interests. And they come together [at cons].

You must read the article