Howlett Fang Digging Themself Into a Hole

I once actually called Howlett Fang a friend, up until he turned on me. The reason being “Political Correctness”, in other words if even if you don’t mean to give the wrong message, DON’T USE THAT WORD!!! I found myself in the end of my stay at Furry Net (where Howlett Fang is seemly an admin or at least a mod), in a bit or controversy. It seems the site owner posted some racially charged hate messages on the site’s Twitter page and there had been some backlash. That is how I found about it on Facebook, and confronted the owner. Who as it seems wanted members…maybe antifa kind.

BTW those messages had been taken down.

Why, you might ask. It seems Howlett Fang did not like me telling the site owner how he should conduct himself. That was when he started to use the N word against me, and made an assumption about my race. He says DON’T BELIEVE what @chipfoxx @steampunkdrox and @DogpatchPress had to say. Actually I feel insulted he didn’t mention my site. He forgot I seen his darker side and frankly I want nothing to do with it ever again.

Then only recently he wanted to talk to me again, he even asked a friend. I say cold day in Hell if that ever happens. I can only assume he is in fact a racist, an antifa, or someone sadly with mental issues.

RMFC The 100% Truth

Don’t look for a true accounting of the facts here as I can’t find any. Frankly I gave up even looking for them. As far as I see it we have 3 sets of facts here #1 The Official Version, #2 What the people who were actually there are saying, #3 What furry news sites are saying.

After carefully studying what each faction is saying I have come to one conclusion. At least 2 are lying and I can’t say which 2, you know these 3 sets of facts contradict one another on more than 1 point.

I invite you to head to your favorite search tool and look for yourself. I promise you will be as confused as I am right now.

The only thing that was 100% verified was that one RMFC board member is a registered sex offender. Which actually leads to a question, “Didn’t anybody check?”, “If they did, how long has anyone knew this?”

Really the more I dig, the more questions I have.

Genus issue 26 Review and Download

Trouble Brewing by James Hardiman

It seems the trio of porn star wannabes that live at James Hardiman’s home want to go Trick or Treating to get candy. But instead of the usual way of getting it they expose themselves and even bound up one giver of treats. Quite fun in fact

Remote Control Mark Barnard & Freddy Andersson

Downtime between co workers at a TV station turns interesting when they decide to have sex in the studio. Things do take a turn for the worse when the camera is suddenly turned on and there actions are being broadcast.

The Potion part 2 by Dutch

Things turn interesting for this mouse couple when the female has a potion to make the man’s penis huge, while the man has a potion to make his female friend tit’s downright huge. This goes on fucking wise until they are both exhausted. That is when they suddenly realize they have a lot of cleaning up to do. The panel at the very end was the best thing about this comic

One October’s Eve by Max & Lowell Votage

A woman and this sheriff on patrol have sex on Halloween night. That is really all I have to say about this…sub par story wise, art is fairly good otherwise.
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