Is Flayrah a home for bullies?

On May 9th Equivamp a mod of the Flayrah site sent me a message on Twitter saying he was sorry for deleting my post as they were afraid of legal action by one of the parties. As he briefly mention the Beagle Case.

But this does not explain away the blatant case of bullying Sonious and other members of Flayrah has lashed out against me via his own post on Flayrah just 2 days later. Then there are the comments, makes the verbal assault I received worse. Up to a point where I felt had no choice but to quit Flayrah. I made that point extremely clear..

Even reading his post again, Sonious sounds more and more like a bully to me. They makes it sounds like I am shutting down everyone’s right to free speech. The real reason those comments he mentioned were NOT Allowed as I will not put up with bullying in anyway shape or form.

The reason I am sensitive to this issue was because I was bullied as a kid. Up until I had it with that bully and beat the crap out of them.

Both those comments (and there was actually 2) I deleted was nothing short of out verbal assault against Perri Prinz, me and Furry Times. This little fact was never included in the article, only the fact I did not allow those comments, and that I was against free speech. In other words I was set up.

I need to include what Fred Patten said in the comments that the case against Patch O’Fur is still ongoing. Another fact Equivamp left out of all the posts they made relating to this case.

Given recent events I can only assume Sonious and Patch are one and the same. To me it seems so as their writing styles are almost exactly the same. I know that is little to go on which is why I am saying assume. But I think the words possible “Conflict of Interest” should be used here.

I did say “Assume” and “Possible” you bullies.

Something happened on Friday that you all should know about, when my landlord was contacted by someone calling themselves Patrick Lane. Patch’s real name, claiming they were not only a relation but they wanted to send me a private family related message. If this person contacts me and it turns out the party lives in San Francisco. I am contacting the California Attorney General’s Office as I have already place their number on my phone.

If you ask what evidence I have of what I consider verbal assault. Look no further than that article on Flayrah. Which you will never see link to on this site ever again. Like any link to Dogpatch Press that you will never see one here ever again.


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