A New Fur Con Has Appeared on The Scene

Aquatifur is a new furcon to be held at the Wisconsin Dells Oct 20 – 22 , 2017

Seemly focusing on both the nearby Waterparks as well as the con itself I personally wish them the best.

The Big Badger Fox: The Real Trailer! (Feature film by Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert)

It’s a french film and the article can be found on catsuka

The following is a translated copy of the article, which is only posted here for easier reading.

After a funny teaser last week, here is today the real trailer of the movie The Big Bad Fox, and other tales !

Designed by a team very similar to that of the Ernest & Celestine film, this cinematographic omnibus in 3 sketches was produced by Folivari (Didier Brunner), with Benjamin Renner (Ernest & CĂ©lestine) and Patrick Imbert in the making.

The three segments of the feature film are adapted from Renner’s comic strips published by two different publishers (Vraoum and Delcourt), but taking place in a common universe, that of the animals of the farm … and the forest next door ; -]

Theatrical release June 21 via Studio Canal.


“The Big Badger Fox”: The Big Badger Fox tells the misadventures of a young clumsy fox and a small red hen with a strong character. The fox, a little idiot, naive tempered tempers daily trying to devour the little hen without success. Tired of these repeated humiliations the fox will be convinced to steal the eggs of the chicken to raise and then eat them. This plan seems perfect until the hatching of young chicks …

“A Baby To Deliver”: A Duck and a Rabbit quietly talk under the apple tree. The rabbit crunches in an apple when CRAC, a branch of the apple breaks and a stork falls on it. She has in her arms a human baby, which she had to deposit with relatives. But in its fall, it broke the wing. Here she leaves the baby,

A bottle and the address of the parents to the duck and the rabbit, and runs away. Rabbit, Duck, and his friend Pig will have to find the parents of this baby. “We must save Christmas”: The Pig wakes up and finds in front of his door the Rabbit and the Duck, overexcited by the arrival of Christmas and decided to build a snowman. It was then that they saw Santa clinging to a window, ready to fall. Without understanding that this is only a trivial decoration, the two companions try to help him. In their clumsy hands, the false Santa Claus is carried away in their fall and breaks in two. Persuaded to have eliminated the real Santa Claus, they decide to replace it by distributing the presents in its place. Because contrary to what the pig believes: they are “adults and responsible” …!

What Cats Do While Your A Sleep

By https://www.catsuthecat.com/

The Flayrah Controversy

Originally I was not going to mention this ever again…Until a member of Flayrah mentioned to me that there is now 3 videos on You Tube physically nailing my hide to a wall. Worse yet I really don’t understand why, and why all this all out effort to kill a one man blog. Yep it’s one man, and that’s me. It seems no one there is listening to reason, they are letting the haters take over. Convincing those who aren’t going to check the facts with nothing but lies.

They say my numbers are down and I am close to folding. This I took from My Dashboard a short time ago.

Oh sure there is a variation but it’s normal, just ask any blogger.

They claim I a flooded with complaints. I have only seen 1 since this entire thing began and that was on Twitter and they seemed miffed more at me than anything else.

Really I could guess at why Flayrah is attacking me, but really because I wouldn’t allow a comment that did nothing to keep the discussion going. But instead was filled with hate, like what is going on right now but against me right now…really? You did something you actually accused me of doing. For the record I have tried to contact the site owner Grim Reaper to allow me to give my side of the issue. I have gone on record allowing such posts here as long as they are making a point, and not adding to the hate they are allowed.

But given the feedback I seen, I think Grim Reaper blocked me.

So let me get this straight a Furry News Site with a large staff is attacking a 1 man blog with as they say insignificant readers.

It doesn’t make any sense to me either.