June 2017 Fur Cons

June 1-4 2017 Biggest Little Fur Con Reno, NV

June 16 to 19 2017 Campfur Hope, BC, Canada

June 29 to July 2 2017 Anthrocon Pittsburgh, PA

Furries: How unleashing your inner animal brings friendship, love, community

Recently City Pages did this fantastic article on us furries and they did a fantastic job that deserves praise.

You got to love an article that starts out like this…

A cheetah, an eagle, and a giraffe walk into a barbecue. There isn’t a joke; this is something that is happening in real life.

Check it out here


Labels are becoming a BIG thing these days. If someone does something you don’t like people often pick from anyone of the following labels…

Social Justice Warrior

and there are others I rather not use because they are used to represent hate.

I have personally seen more times I can name where someone or some group is acting in their own self interest. They instantly get the label “LIBERAL”. Even though in one case they label themselves are communists, all the while the rest of the world call them liberals.

I have a good friend who often use the term liberals when he see something that they don’t like. But are they Liberals? Who knows, no one had bothered to asked them, people rather attach a label to them without reason especially these days.

Maybe it’s because I am a greymuzzle, a label I wear proudly. I remember not that long ago when someone acted in their own best interest. They were called ‘Jerks’ or one of dozens of insults. While today they are more often then not labeled a liberal.

Or a social justice warrior like I was labeled recently. You know the term Social Justice Warrior has no exact definition, only one that someone on Wikipedia came up with. Check it for yourself, I am not joking.

All I can ask instead of labeling someone, start swearing at them and no better example than this