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Introducing the CHG90

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Genus Male issue 3 Review and Download

Demon Hunter by Fel and Van

I actually like this one because it has sort of a plot, which seems to be rare in these gay furry comics. A demon has been captured, a young man is ordered to guard it and one thing leads to another and they have gay sex.

Cherry, A Game Boy Short by John Barret

The best I got figured as this barely makes any sense. 2 former co-workers have sex and later a partner in a video game. Yep that is all that it is.

Storage Room, Cliche` #10 by Daria McGrain

2 men get scolded at a university for arguing. Then sent off to a storage room to work out their differences. Then hate turns into gay sex.

Bunny Boyz by Max Blackrabbit

At a gay stripper club the performers have gay sex orgy after hours.
view and download it here

Sorry to say this is the last Genus Male I will be posting mainly do to all newer issues are available from its publisher.