E3 Nintendo

Okay so I admit it, I am a Nintendo fanboy and why not Nintendo seems to make high quality games this retro gamer loves. I been playing Mario Kart 7 on my 3DS the most of late.

But what really stood out for me yesterday was these 3 games

Not only my favorite Metroid game ever, but my favorite game on the Game Boy period

What can I say this really looks good

Rabbit Valley Added Some New Items

Easily Distracted by Flinters – $11.99
FAPP RPG Expansion Book – FAPP: Endgame – $10.00
Gaming Guardians by Graveyard Greg – $9.00
Garbage Night by Jen Lee – $18.98
Hidden Springs by Seraph, JeffyBunny, and Bastion – $27.50
How This All Happened – DVD Version – $18.95
iCandi by Megan Giles – $6.00
Lifeless by Graveyard Greg – $12.95
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #53 MLP: FIM #53 – $4.25
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #54 MLP: FIM #54 – $4.25
Mythies Book Two (Chapters 6-10) by Kelvin The Lion – $16.98
Omega Alliance Book 1: The Gatekeeper by N “Karmakat” Franzetti – $7.95
OverSexed Eeveelutions Volume 1 by Kuroodod – $29.95
Spelunker Sal’s Super Salacious Selections Volume 1 – Digital Edition – $20.00
Squeak! Issue 7 – $6.00
The Book of Somewhat Useful Convention Knowledge by LIKESHINE & FAUSTORIAN MAVENDORF – $20.00
Xfrmations Unlimited Issue #8 – $6.00

The most interesting is How This All Happened – DVD Version – $18.95

Really I am not surprised given how self absorbed some sites can be of late they missed a new furry movie. But not me. My copy is already on order and as soon as I see it a review will be posted.


I am such a HUGE fan of the series Luther

Which is on Netflix right now, according to the Independant along with other sources Luther makes another appearance. I beg the BBC to include Alice, if you want to know why check out the first season. And why it is good to have a psychopathic killer on your side.

The Mummy (2017) Film Review

A friend and I went to the movies yesterday and we saw The Mummy (2017). Overall I thought it was the best Mummy film I ever seen, considering in most of them someone using crutches could out run the mummy. No Spoilers…I thought Russell Crowe’s Henry Jekyll character was a bit silly, in fact it actually ruined some scenes for me. Really he played it more like one of those villains from the Austin Powers films, rather than one from a horror film…which I thought this was. Then there is the ending, ish!!! That whole ending was a setup for a series of sequels, more than anything else.

Overall I give it 6/10

Good film, plenty of action, there are times what is going on the screen makes no sense at all.