Eric W. Schwartz

This one is going to have to included a couple of links especially if you don’t know who Eric W. Schwartz is, Wikifur Link . As you can see he was involved with Sabrina and one of the earliest furry animations to ever hit the internet…before there even was an internet. I am talking 1993 folks.

Eric Schwartz – The Dating Game -= Amiga 50fps =-

Currently involved in the pay site Furry after Dark is trying to gather money to bring back Sabrina back as a comic, which then leaves who was Sabrina…the teenage witch? No Furry comic

Anyway before this gets more confusing here is the link

The Most Influential Characters in Furry History recently complided a list of The Most Influential Characters in Furry History, I’ll leave their reasons why to their site. But I think some of their picks were rather odd and frankly choices like Alicia I never heard of before, like Erma Felna from the old Albedo Anthropomorphics, a science-fiction comic series. Meanwhile Berri and Cutey Bunny I have to leave to there list as it makes no sense to me.

But after all it is their list