Cars 3 Review

I saw Cars 3 yesterday and as much as some of you think it’s the same old, same old Disney/Pixar animated film. You would be wrong. Oh sure why hide what you saw in the ad/trailer that Lightning McQueen get involved in a terrible accident on the track while trying to beat a high speed rookie named Jackson Storm. I know this hasn’t been talked about in other reviews. But mainly the film is about retirement, knowing when your time has past. That can be a really difficult time for some of us. Lightning McQueen is no exception, all the while dealing with the countless changes in his life. For example Rustzees being sold to another company, is it’s new owner trying to help him or just use him, getting a trainer. Seeking out the answer to ‘Why we race”, we also learn Doc Hudson was a bigger part of his life than we knew. When he died part of McQueen also died.

All as the end kept on getting closer I kept on thinking it was going to be the same old ending. But McQueen never finishes the final race in the film. To reveal any more than that is a HUGE spoiler.

I just want to say being the fan of the entire series. This one left me both happy and sad…and I will not tell you why. You have to see the film for yourself.

I give it 9/10