Rainfurrest 2015 Events on Video

Some have accused me of making up details that appeared in a series of articles on Rainfurrest 2015. Now I discover a video with proof for about 90% of what I stated.

Really this video could be labeled NSFW, not for sexual content only things even I found gross

I Draw Dragons To Destroy The Stereotypes About Them

‚Äč Brian Kesinger did an article on boredpanda.com both wrote and did artwork on more than 20 dragons, each breaking the stereotype of the typical dragon.

For example

for more click here

Point of Information

I want to make this very clear before someone rips me a new opening…again. That one of the people mentioned in a recent post by Perri Prinz, has actually threatened me with legal action if I did not take their name off of the post.

But when in order to protect myself I mentioned that if I received any harassment over this I was going to post their email on my blog.

That’s when they talked about harassment, lawsuits, fines and jail….and my response to that is 100% bullshit. That is what bullies do, when they can not attack you in person they make false threats.

Btw most courts use the 20+ rule for harassment. Which means you would of have to receive more than 20 messages before it could be considered harassment. Btw the truth is not harassment.

Why are they false?

I have to admit I only knew about this when I wanted to take legal action against Flayrah when I was harassed. You see I contacted a lawyer, who did admit I had just cause to sue them, and could possibly get $20,000 in personal damages. But also that it could cost me more than $30,000 just to get it. Why? I have to hire a private investigator just to get enough information just to sue them. As for being arrested. States won’t extradite anyone for a minor crime, and kidnapping btw can get you up to life in prison (in case you are thinking about it). Not even the Police would do anything unless we both lived in the same exact city. Which is highly unlikely.

Besides they also mentioned that News Sites were protected, Elephant dung. That same lawyer also advised me said that blogs and so called news sites were the same under the eyes of the law. Honestly if sites like Huffington post can be sued over libel and harassment…what makes them so special?

Look I know you’re a bully, and your friends are bullies and as long as I don’t mention your name…what can you do about this….NOTHING.

As long as no one attacks me this ends this. Want to start a war, I already have a lawyer.

Sue me, I promise I will counter sue.

So please there is enough furry drama let’s end this now.

Please understand folks the only reason I went through these extraordinary measures. Is because I learned the hard way, no one even associated with Flayrah can be trusted.