Get to know furries at Goodman Arts Centre is reporting that an art festival which took place at The Goodman Art Centre in Singapore

ST20170703_1718344215/gkgoodman07/Dios Vincoy Jr/Gurveen Kaur
On Tangong Goodman, a one-day festival at Goodman Arts Centre on July 8 where the public can try out an assortment of workshops that range from hand casting with alginate to figure drawing to learning about eclectic SGFurs group, or Singapore//
Photos by Dios Vincoy Jr for The Straits Times//##########x##########Photos by Dios Vincoy Jr for The Straits Times

That A cheetah, fox and wolf will be roaming the Goodman Arts Centre today. Not the real thing…of course but furries interacting with non furries in Singapore


Furries and Pittsburgh have mutual admiration

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting at the recent Anthrocon

That both furry and non-furry alike equally had a great time LINK

Pokemon Go festival = Disaster

CNN is reporting yesterday in Chicago where a Pokemon Go gathering took place was a complete disaster. No Wifi, even with extra equipment brought in.

Knowing Chicago as I do there are some real places where it is next to impossible to get either a cellphone signal or wifi. Grant Park where this event took place is one of those spots where both work sometimes