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A Furry Tale

So what is a A Furry Tale? It’s more rumor than fact

There once was a site, claiming to be honest and true. Openly they said we only post what is 100% true. But really my dear friends the site owner/operator is no better than those scam calls we sometimes get. They intimidate an old man into writing articles and reviews. Who has tried to get there stuff removed, but only got back in return threats. Also this same site has stocked piled so many of this author’s work. That the author is quoted as saying, That even if they stopped writing this site has enough material for the next 10 years. But that is not all folks, this same owner and operator steals articles and comments for the little guys like me. Who when they complain only get ignored. Which is the least of these problems as they are currently going through the court system on a charge that could easily net them 3 years. On a charge of defrauding a once famous author, who has since fallen on hard time. But yet my dear friends as evil as this person is they still won a award for best site.

Moral of this tale: When you’re big enough, you can stomp upon anyone you want, and not get in trouble for it.