What’s the Deal with “Furries?”

We were covered recently by no less than Psychology Today All the inns and outs of being a furry, the suits, the sexual thing all the glorious details here….Adults only

Who Makes Those Intricate, Expensive Furry Suits?

Ever wonder who makes those hyper realistic fursuits and how much they cost? Vice.com

Did this great article on that and more even going into how long some of these people have been making fursuits. Some for as long as 30 years…yes that surprised me to.

But to quote that article

And entrepreneurial crafters have come up with all manner of add-ons that drive prices way up. You can add cooling or camera and audio systems, hyper-realistic eyes that follow people around, eyelids controlled by magnets, or jaws that move at will. For evidence of this, one need look no further than this highly specialized cheetah made by Primal Visions, which features an arduino system that moves the eyes and mouth, and triggers growls based on bio-feedback. Purchased by a furry named Spottacus in 2014, it cost a whopping $17,500. And Spottacus isn’t done quite yet—he’s currently eying a design that costs $25,000, a pretty penny for a cheetah.

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In 2020 LINK The article tells of the reasons why Adobe is killing flash, and why go over something you heard at least 1,000 times