Furries aren’t fetish freaks

The Kansas City Star recently did an article on furries. I am impressed when they said we weren’t fetish freaks right from the start.

But to quote the article:

But after spending more than a decade studying the furry subculture, an international team of social scientists has concluded furries are not so different from the rest of us.

Which the article goes on to back up. Furries are like any fandom but with fake fur.

Way to go Kansas City Star for that report

Walmart Presents: Maskimals

To quote a Walmart post on Fb.

Maskimals are taking over your Largo Roosevelt Walmart! These theme park quality masks are only $19.98! Located in our toy department, be sure to reserve your animal head today before they are sold out at Halloween!

Editor’s Note

We know we will be seeing them at furcons