Kothorix vs. Genesius Wolf on the topic of Religion

This is what I see every day you got those hardcore religious fanatics and those like me who see things differently. It’s really a good debate and well worth watching. Good points are made on both sides.

Furries Among Us 2: What Could Have Been

Back when Thurston Howl was submitting reviews for my blog he asked me to write an essay for the sequel to his Furries Among Us, (which is a book that contains a series of essays written by various furries). Since I know a lot about “Furry music Videos” after all I have a YouTube playlist with over 321,000 views. I admit I was heavily influenced by him asking for examples of what I thought was good.

So I began to work on an essay, the very first since High School.

During the time I was writing this he told of others he asked to submit essays.

Really looking back at that essay today, it reads more like a grocery list than anything else. I fully admit I should of went with my original plan. But I was so excited that I could be honestly get published I wasn’t thinking straight.

Then we got into this fight, really it was over how I run my blog. Beyond that I am not going to say, except that we both overreacted. What can I say but the truth we blocked each other on Facebook.

Really I don’t hold a grudge, the essay I sent him was crappy at best. Frankly it reads more like a YouTube playlist than anything else. Which I am very well aware does not translate into book form.

Besides there are a few other submissions he told me about also never made it to the book. So I am not the only one.

I plan on making another essay on “Furry Music Videos” and post that around. But written the way I want, and not be influenced by other opinions like the first one had been.

You can get Furries Among Us 2 here