Furlandia 2017: Fursuit Dance Competition Compilation/Highlights

Fursuit Contracts

Lawyers and Liquor.com recently did this article on using contracts when you have a fursuit made and they really get into detail point by point. Think about it, you going to hand over well over $1,000 to someone and you will not see the results for several months or even possible over a year. But they do make one good point, once the creator takes the money it is a contract and don’t deliver it’s fraud. It’s a good read, and I can’t wait until part 2 is posted.

Success vs. Haters

It seems last month when I told of how successful my furry bowling meet had been I got several messages from haters. Why? I really don’t know. But anyway a total of 12 was there yesterday and below is my favorite photo from the meet and I took it.

Despite some setbacks it seems my meet is growing every single meet seems to get bigger and bigger than the one before it. I was honestly asked “When will be doing a 2 a month?” The honest answer, it depends on how popular this becomes, and truthfully I don’t know the answer to that.

Since the post I made about the same event had gotten some hate messages last month for some unknown reason. I am now going to given the haters a warning in advance and later you can’t say you weren’t warned. Anyone sending me a hate post in relation to this article. Not only will the details of your message will become public, and so will your name, and I might even include your email address. You have been warned

Ultimate Bonce House

What If…