Furry Broadcasting Network Overview

Look really I don’t mind giving someone like the Furry Broadcasting Network who is attempting to cover furry news to compete against the big 2 a huge shout out. But the more I read off their Twitter Feed here is the more I think they have no idea what they are getting into. Then to go into Internet Radio, just makes me shake my head. A podcast say on YouTube is frankly a better idea, (something I thought about myself). Reasons are simple there isn’t much out there, which is the one reason I post videos. I look for something you might find interesting, and in most cases that search finds nothing. Really there isn’t much out there, and I am being honest here. Then there is the big 2 who covers more reviews than me, that is exactly the same as me posting videos. It’s something they have stockpiled just in case they got nothing. You go to any furry podcast on YouTube at least 90% are comments.

But for the other things haters, haters and guess what more haters. Not to mention those who think you stole a story off of them threatening to sue your ass off. But when really you got it from a different source.

Believe me sometime when you cover furry news you get more than your share of crazies.

Good luck Furry Broadcast Network and I think you are going to need it.