New Milford councilman resigns after furor over “furry” activities By Barry Lytton and Katrina Koerting is reporting That a New Milford had to resign over being a furry.

Town Council member Scott Chamberlain had never made a secret of his deep involvement in Furry Fandom, a subculture of adults who dress in mascot-like animal costumes, attend role-playing conventions and interact regularly online.

It seems it all began when Mayor David Gronbach, saying elected officials should be held to a “higher standard,” called for Chamberlain’s immediate resignation, and within two hours party officials said he would resign all his town and party positions by Monday morning.

As enlightened as we like to think we are there is still furry hatred of the furry fandom especially in New Milford.

The article also goes on the say Scott Chamberlain writes what he calls a “soap opera” read by hundreds of users that includes furries in some sexual situations. He said these writings are posted to a site open only to adults, and that he writes under a pen name to keep his public and private lives separate.

You can find the article here

and can be found here on FA

Update: I have seen a bunch of reports now saying the reason he was asked to resign was because the man is pro rape.

Latest Update thanks to the Furry News Network who reports Chamberlain is only pro rape in his writings

Scientists Have Discovered A Fourth Type Of Chocolate, And It’s Naturally Pink

Really no joke and it’s not fake real pink chocolate

To quote the article by Amanda Adame

Stop everything! After decades of research, at a team of scientists at Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut have finally cracked the code and invented a totally new type of chocolate. The new concoction’s called Ruby, and it’s naturally pink!

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