The Misadventures of Sammy: Way Past Bedtime

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The interpretation of this year’s theme has been an ongoing issue for some members of the fandom. The theme Haunted Asylum is a common horror trope that focuses on the abandoned remnants of these dark shadows of human society. It is a Halloween theme that reflects interest for many urban explorers, paranormal investigators, and especially Hollywood and in no way is a reflection on mental illness or cruel treatment.

We welcome people to disagree or have reservations against actual mental asylums but this is not and never has been a focus of our theme. We have utilized attendee levels that are in line with asylums but for those who do not wish to take part in these titles, we are offering non-descript badges for all attendee levels.

But please keep in mind that Furpocalypse Inc. does have an inherent responsibility to protect its attendees and the organization against individuals who have taken an aggressive stance against the convention.


Furpocalypse Inc. Board of Directors