Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable

Ever wonder if all fur cons are somehow connected?

according to Wikifur

The Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable (FCLR) is an association of furry conventions. The group holds meetings in the tradition of SMOFcon in the science fiction fandom to facilitate communication between its members, as well as maintaining a mailing list, chat server, and website. Event organizations may submit up to three representatives for the mailing list and annual events, and must have a signed venue contract and 100 actual or planned attendees to join.

FCLR’s organizers claim it is “not the Illuminati” but “a helpful bunch of furs that are here to help us keep the fandom the amazing place it was always meant to be”. Conversely, some members have called it “the furry illuminati association”; others describe it as “like Twelve Angry Men, except a buncha damn furries deciding the fate of the badge prep process or the con suite sandwiches”.

The FCLR also maintains a Slack server, a chat service with sub-groups that include (but are not limited to) publications, hotels, art shows, dealers, IT, and registration. Membership is open to all furry convention staff and organizers.

according to FCLR’s site

The site names which cons are their members