October FurCons

Oct 6 – 8, 2017 Fur Reality Cincinnati, Ohio

Oct 6 – 8, 2017 Alamo City Furry Invasion San Antonio, TX

Oct 12 – 15 2017 FursonaCon Virginia Beach, VA

Oct 13-16 2017 Furcation West Devon, England

Oct 19 – 23 2017 Fangcon Knoxville, TN

Oct 20 – 22 2017 Western PA Furry Weekend Wexford, PA

Oct 20 to 22 2017 Aquatifur Wisconsin Dells, WI

Oct 27/ 28 2017 Anthro Weekend Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

Oct 27-29 2017 Furpocalypse Cromwell, CT

Bandwidth Speeds/ Bill Kieffer Interview

Ever wonder how does your ISP speed compare with other parts of the country? Someone make a chart. It’s available via the link

Bill Kieffer Interview this time by Book Dragon.club

Really I think this might be his best interview yet this time on Book Dragon.club, as it goes in to detail that other interviews missed. His projects past and present, what groups he belongs to and etc etc. Get an in sight to the life of a published author.

What Really Happens When You Win a Game Show

Fashionbeans.com recently did this article by Mark Kosin

Really it isn’t all that glamorous as you might think. First up taxes, taxes and even more taxes and if you have anything left. People will come to you and any relative you might have to get a piece of that load.

The articles goes in to detail and it might leave you wondering is all that good luck even worth it?