The Pressure of Social Media

I have been noticing more and more having to take a break from social media. So what happened? What caused a place to kill a little time upon to a place where more people are saying enough is enough. Really some might blame the Russians, or Trump Supporters, while other blame the hate groups (frankly there are sadly too many to name). The really of it and mind you this is just my opinion. It’s everything from the way we live, pressures of work, commuting, you get my point. Social media has become a place where we feel free to say what is on our minds, good or bad and frankly we are seeing the worse of it. Funny humorous memes are being replaced by ones that totally lie. Frankly when I see a meme that give a fact, there I am on Google seeing if it is really true. Frankly 0.0000001% are even true. I saw one recently that talked about death’s in america and frankly none of the numbers were even close the the figures the CDC clearly has posted on their site.

Then there is what some are now calling the Russian factor, and yes I know that is related to Trump. But did you also know this includes bots from literally every point of view, as well as advertisers and hate groups. Well certainly that also includes porn. I can tell you the number of friend requests from women if you checked their page only has a couple of sexy photos and that is frankly it. It’s not like they take a break, it’s non stop. To me it seems the number of them are solely based on the number of times you visit that particular social media site.

Then there are those ads Facebook claims they monitor. One big fat lie, most of the ads I see are from spammers. Claiming if you provide your email address you will be able to make money. Not even close to being true. I signed up for what the ad said was a research firm where I can make a few $$$. Less than 30 days later the amount of spam I received went up by a factor of 8, I went from maybe 20 a day to 100s. When I complained on there ads of after a year of not hearing back. I got a email from them giving me a phone number along with the address. The number was the same as most of the spam calls I get meanwhile the address didn’t even exist…in fact it was in the middle of a local lake.

Then you got hate groups, the terrorists and Trump supporters. I think those 3 are literally the worse. I see more crap from them than anyone else.

If it sounds like I had enough I have, I am giving myself a vacation from Facebook where all the aggravation has been to checking out forums one again…at least those are peaceful.

Social Media is getting bad and did you know it is getting worse. Every so often I hear about how murders are being arranged on it. If you think I am joking look it up yourself and you will see the truth. Which is really the best for everyone.

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