Texas Furry Fiesta 2017 | Dance Competition | Buddy and Arcturus (1ST PLACE, Veteran)

If You Think Con After Con Depression is bad….

Here it is monday and there is still parts of my body still sore from Saturdays Fur Event with corresponded with the Boo at the Zoo event at Brookfield Zoo which is located in Brookfield, IL it is the largest of the 2 zoos in my area. It is also labeled as the largest gathering of fursuiters pre MFF mainly they are there for a group photo and to be honest I have no idea how many attended because I missed most of that. Call it a combo of bad planning and the HUGE crowd that almost filled the zoo’s 216 acres. You know a zoo is crowded when they are using the parking lot from the nearby school as overflow. Really I could whine about the crowd but really I was enjoying the day too much to keep an eye on the time. I rarely get to the Brookfield Zoo due to the fact I don’t drive and it is a bit of an effort to get there by commuter train. But once you get there oh there is so much to see. Enough to say I was on my feet for over 4 hours and the pain I was feeling in my feet afterwards. But overall I really did enjoy myself, call it a warm sunny day, tons of stuff to see an explore really I felt like a kid again until I finally sat down.

Brookfield Zoo