Furry Nation by Joe Strike Book Review

When I first heard of Furry Nation by Joe Strike all I really knew about it that the book was somehow supposedly a history of the fandom. But what took me roughly 2 weeks to read was more than that. In those 342 pages you have the entire Furry Fandom in your hand. Not does Joe Strike covers almost every major thing that has ever happened within the fandom, but interlaced personal stories in such a way that even if you knew nothing about the furry fandom after reading Furry Nation you will understand that it is also a personal journey of self. For example in one chapter he talks about why he has an alligator fursona and you get to see the real reason no one can pick a fursona for you as it is so deeply personal. Anyone with their own fursona knows this is the truth and it is no wonder we defend our choice, because we know that fursona is the real you.

Really as I write this I want to personally thank Joe Strike to let me know that the fandom really isn’t what we think it is. That is more a combination of personalities and events who strive to be different. The truth is we are unique and he covers everything from Looney Tunes cartoons to Zootopia and why they are all connected. Not that they are just animated characters and stories that there is something that touches in a non sexual way that is impossible to describe without directly quoting from the book. Like Boomer, the attack on MFF and even the rather unique history of Anthrocon and love him or hate him how Uncle Kage made it what it is, like furry anime from the mid 1960s in the form of The Amazing 3. Believe me those characters from that anime has more in common with the fandom than any other anime you can name. Not to forget Aberguine and her Furries in the Media and why they are so excellent.

The past, present and future, the good, the bad and the questionable. Nothing is left out and after you finish the book you will find yourself saying like I did, “Oh that is why that is”. Like “Why Fursuits?” Okay it was something which I fully admit I really did not understand…but now I do like so more than I can even say.

Furry Nation is in short a book that every furry should read. If you have friends and family who don’t quite get the fandom…get them a copy of the book. Why not, it is without a doubt in my mind the best thing on the furry fandom that has ever been published.

If you are even the tiniest bit wondering why something is the way it is. Like why fur cons feel more like parties than conventions. Get the book, it explains why, like so many different things.

You can buy the book here