Top 5 ways conventions let their vendors down recently posted an article on how cons handle the dealers that they both love as well as hate.

Although the article goes into much more detail, a lot of which is really common sense.
Like the Dealer Lottery

You know with less than 1 month away MFF only announced the winners of their dealer lottery on Nov 7th. Seriously anyone who has ever been to or know someone who has been to any cons that rooms can be very tight to get. Some serious con goers make hotel reservations a year in advance, and getting a room at the last minute can be impossible. I actually heard of a couple of dealers actually sleeping in the dealer’s area because they have no place to stay.

First come first serve & lottery dealer slots / artist alley lottery spots assigned at con daily

Ask any dealer this one makes them both scream and pull out their hair.

Free Advertizing

You would not believe how much good/ bad publicity some dealers get at cons. It really depends on how the dealers treat their customers. I know some dealers actually make enough money traveling from con to con to make a pretty good living.

Scheduling conflicts

Really the #1 complaint of everyone…including me.

Ignoring or otherwise disciplining con-goer suggestions or concerns

This one you have to read from the article, as it really goes into a lot of detail.


Once again too many things to say without stealing from the article. But even if you have been to a con once you know all of this is true.
Please check it out here