MFF 2017 Starts Today

I am a HUGE fan of Midwest Furfest and I am so looking forward to it. Especially after this year when so many issues sprang up, there was no way I could even say I enjoyed this year at all. Call it way too many bad things that outnumbered all the good things that happened, losing 2 friends this year has only made it worse. I need MFF to recharge my batteries, and reset my perspective on life.

Now that the drama is out of the way the big talk from all the local furries. Like the moving of the dealers and artist area to the nearby convention center. How will this change things? Like going from on average 100 dealers to 286 if I counted right, and if I told you the number of spaces these artist now have…you simply would not believe me all I can say is check out their site. The other bit of news from a local perspective is are we going to beat Anthrocon in attendance? Everyone is saying yes, but I really don’t we have to wait to the official numbers come out. But the hotels did sell out within 30 seconds after becoming available. Really I am not joking 30 seconds.

As per my usual I will be reporting from MFF mainly on my Twitter and Instagram pages and going into more depth here. I will be attending a few panels and events at MFF and like usual giving my honest opinion, then after the con I will be posting photos on my Flickr page. Now for the big news I am going to try and do a couple of videos. Nothing major just a couple of things you usually don’t normally see on YouTube but I promise all the vids I make will be SFW. We will see how things go.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift!!!!

People go absolutely crazy this time of year trying to get someone the perfect present. When in fact around 53% of all gifts are returned to the store. As for gift cards most of them wind up sitting in a drawer unused. So what is my solution give the gift of time. If you can spend time with someone, if not and this is too easy folks send them a photo that shows you care for them. Note that camera on your phone is not just there to take selfies.