Furry artist finds a sticker of his ‘fursona’ on a cop’s gun—and Twitter loses it

As originally posted on The Daily Dot

To quote the article

“Dude my buddy made a few stickers to throw on his computer and I was like ‘I want one,’” the officer told Todd, “and then the department made some dumb policy to identify our magazines in the case of an [officer involved shooting]. So… that was my identification because… I’m gay and it’s funny.”

Anyway the artist feels differently and read all the details HERE

Urgent Unclaimed Fursuit

!!! URGENT !!!
Can anyone identify either the character owner or maker of this #fursuit? It was found in a storage container of unclaimed USPS parcels and is currently being auctioned off. I’m trying to track down the rightful owner before time runs out. #lostfursuit @FursuitSAR

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