Rest in Peace Carl R. Kirkwood AKA RC Fox

As you might of heard Carl R. Kirkwood AKA RC Fox was an accused pedophile with charges and a court date coming. He died on March 14 according to obituary which does not include the countless posts on social media that he died by his own hand. Suicide is never the answer no matter what you are facing. Because it hurts your friends and family who will always be asking the same questions until the day they die…as in what drove them over the edge.

I do not support Carl R. Kirkwood AKA RC Fox and his actions. But the debate over pedophila on social media is a good thing. As in are furries more prone to such behaviour than they rest of the population. Especially when you see posts on social media of this furry or that had suddenly became a pedophile. Personally I think pedophila in the furry commuity is about the same in any large group and that number being quite small.

I never knew RC FOx and what drove him but all I can say is this