The Art of Fandom closes with ‘half-price party’

KTVA of Anchorage, Alaska did a piece on The Art of The Fandom who featured furry art and a link can be found here.

To quote the piece: The exhibit is an homage to nostalgia and all things fandom. Gryph and Aayrick are part of their own subset of fandom, “Fursonas”.

Check it out

Seriously Do You Get Aroused by Furry Porn?

Ask Papa Bear recently answered a question by a you man calling himself Anon who I quote

You see, my first experience with the furry fandom was when I was 13 years old or so. But the thing is, I got exposed to the NSFW side of the fandom and became addicted to it

The answer…Papa Bear answered that question with dignity and not shaming the individual and I encourage you to check it out HERE