MCFC 2018 Facts

Total attendance 1,314
Total in Fursuit Parade 208
Money raised $12,000 to Animal Magic

The Incident at FWA 2018

Yes I have seen both videos, one where that couple is fucking and the other where they had been arrested.


It was bad behaviour that killed Rainfurrest, we don’t need it spreading to FWA. I am a strong advocate of furries policing themselves. That is why I feel someone should of stopped them, I know I would if I witnessed it. Remember folks we are in a very delicate balance between having fun and what it would take to piss off the hotel. What do I have to do repost my Rainfurrest articles?!!! To remind you of how the few destroyed it for the many.

Bad behaviour by furries or not, means we get blamed no matter what. Look I don’t know if the couple involved were furries or not. But we are already got blamed, so there.

Please of you see something contact the con staff immediately we don’t want another Rainfurrest now do we.