David Lynch Websitcom Rabbits

Originally made in 2002

To quote the article as originally seen on Openculture.com

David Lynch has stayed productive in recent years — putting out an album and reviving Twin Peaks, to name just two projects — but more than a decade has gone by since his last feature film. Still, images from that one, 2006’s Inland Empire, may well linger in the heads of its viewers to this day. Some of the most haunting sequences that compose its three hours include clips of Rabbits, a television show about those very creatures. Or rather, a television show about humanoid rabbits who exchange lines of cryptic dialogue in a shadowy living room located, as the show puts it, “in a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain” where they live “with a fearful mystery.”

If you watch and go Huh?, welcome to the club as I am in that group. Although the rest of the episodes are quite easy to find. I think the bigger question do you want to, meaning if you are a fan of David Lynch you might be happy to find a long forgotten work. But to the rest of us…RUN!!!