Bloggers Meet

I went to a bloggers meet last night, it was to celebrate WordPress 15th Anniversary…well they had cake so I went. Out of the 27 or so people there, only about 6 were actual bloggers. The rest were on the technical side of things, security, theme builders, etc, etc. I think the lot of them were there to get business, while I and the other bloggers just wanted some info about the ins and outs of blogging…hey even after all this time I would not refuse some helpful advice. What I learned was this that most blogs don’t get that many views, really the average is a 120 a week. I was the exception at roughly 600 per day. Because of that, I was asked maybe to do a podcast. If that turns out I will let you know what happens. Other than that nothing, really nothing more than 9 years + of experience hadn’t taught me already. I am really considering not going to another, be we will have to see.