“Loving Vincent” Review

Seldom I talk about a non-furry project but when I saw “Loving Vincent” yesterday the experience was jaw-dropping. Like most people, I really didn’t know much about Vincent Van Gogh except that he was a modern art and he killed himself. “Loving Vincent” (which is currently on Hulu) talks about a real-life event, all in a movie where every scene looks like it had been hand painted. Where in the adult son of a Postmaster tries to deliver a letter to Vincent’s brother.

I put that trailer there for a reason, I hope you saw it.

You not only learn more about the artist but the circumstances of his death which frankly aren’t straightforward as you might think. Maybe it is because I am a fan of mysteries that I wonder why it really wasn’t investigated all that well when he died. Frankly, you get the picture more was going on than what has been passed down through history. Like the painter, Paul Gauguin has a very violent temper and it was a disagreement with Vincent Van Gogh that actually lead to him losing part of his ear, and not as most of us thinking he cut his ear himself. Why didn’t the doctor remove the bullet? How could someone shoot themselves in the stomach at an upward angle?

Everything in Loving Vincent is based on actual evidence nothing was changed period.

But I digress “Loving Vincent” is a remarkable film and really worth seeing no matter how.

My opinion 10/10